Journalism Ethics in the Trump Era

Blog post about journalism ethics written for journalism class (JRNL 100).

"Journalism Ethics in the Trump Era" is a blog post that I wrote for an assignment in my journalism course (JRNL 100). The assignment was to write about the topic of your choice that tied in to what was being taught in class. As someone who is very interested in U.S. politics and current events, I decided to write about the Trump administration and how it is being covered by major American media outlets ethically.

For this assignment, I had to do a lot of research in order to decide what I was going to use as sources within my blog post. I attributed all sources used through hyperlinking them within the actual text, which makes all sources easy to access. I also chose the theme of the site accordingly, so that it made my blog posts look similar to how news sites format articles online, thus giving the post a professional and streamlined look.

Through this project, my researching skills were honed, as well as my fairness as a journalist, because I cited sources from news sites that fell on both the left and right sides of the political spectrum. From this assignment, I learned how to format and write a successful, well researched blog post or article.

The full blog post can be found here:

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