One Week of Makeup Removal

A digital art project done for visual arts class (VISA 110) entitled One Week of Makeup Removal.

The concept for this project originated with my love for makeup and the routine of putting it on every day. I wanted to document a routine in my life that I did every day, and my makeup routine was an obvious choice. However, I wanted to put a twist on simply documenting putting on my makeup, so instead I took a photograph of my makeup removal wipe each night for a week with my iPhone camera. Then, I color balanced and organized the seven photographs on the pale pink background in Adobe Photoshop.

As the week progressed, I noticed a bit of odd beauty to the way the removed makeup looked on the wipes. The pale pink background not only helps the photographs stand out, but emphasizes the underlying theme of femininity and expressing creativity through makeup. Another theme of the work is finding beauty in everyday, mundane things, as I did with the makeup wipes throughout the week.

This project demonstrates my proficiency with the Adobe Photoshop program and ability to produce a creative, concept based artwork. It also communicates my interest in art that involves feminism and the glorification of the feminine, and the fact that women can love makeup and wear it for themselves because they want to, not simply for the benefit of the male gaze.

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